Fire and Forget invoicing

Quick question-
With the invoicing, currently (if i’m using it right), you can create an invoice download the invoice and then send invoice to customer from your direct email?

Is there plans where an invoice emailed (with the function enabled) will also have attached to it a pre-linked button for quick payment, e.g., and invoice selection option where it can be sent to a client with a button to your paypal account allowing them to pay you all in one from the email-invoice sent?

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Such a feature is something that has been considered, but it definitely won’t be there for launch. It depends on the amount of development time and complexity it takes to implement such a solution.

If it requires a lot out of us, it might be something we release as an optional addon. We are a small team, competing against some giants in the industry, so we have to be very careful with how we spend our time.

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