Ndis invoice layout

Hi just wondering, if adding km to the invoice template will be on the cards? or some way to track travel.
I am a support worker and charge the client for the travel that I do with the client, so this would be an amazing feature.

Hi @katieninawilliams17

We are currently looking at feature improvements like this as part of a NDIS rollout due in just a few days. We are still new to dealing with NDIS requirements, so initially we will likely overlook some things, such as travel tracking.

The current implementation is a standard line item. You can put the Provider travel - non-labour costs item number relevant to your specific circumstance into the invoice if it is part of a NDIS invoice. However you will need to do so as a standard line item with ‘RATE’ and ‘HOURS/QTY’ field.

I appreciate that this might not be the best by default, as it just states ‘Provider travel - non-labour costs’ which is a bit nebulous. However, the description itself is editable, so for initial invoices, you might want to change it on the initial invoices to show anything you need.

For instance on this image I’ve added ‘$0.85 per kilometre’ into the line item associated with km based pricing.

While I’ve got you, could I get you to confirm how your invoice might currently look?

  1. Line item/s for your individual support.
  2. Line item/s duplicated for travel time related costs
  3. Provider travel - non-labour costs line item to handle km travelled and additional costs (parking, etc)
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