[Release] okke April patch notes

Thanks for supporting okke. Some of these changes went live in March but no patch notes were generated during that time. Here are the most important changes:

  • Payments can now be removed - Assigned a payment incorrectly, or had a customer issue that needs to be resolved? Click the payment near the bottom of the invoice to change it.

  • Create customers on the invoice screen - We heard that you didn’t want to leave the invoice screen to create new customers - so we’ve made that possible for you!

  • Create inventory items on the invoice screen - Similarly, you want to be able to create invoice items while there as well? Done!

  • User experience has been improved throughout - Find a number of tooltips to make understanding the more complex parts of the software a little bit easier. We’ve also made some design changes.

  • Password improvements - No longer will you have to guess exactly how secure we would like your password to be.

Also a number of general bug fixes.

As always, feel free to discuss the release below!

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