[Release] okke November patch notes

Thanks for supporting okke. We made a number of changes this month, and here we want to highlight the most important ones for you.

  • Temporary passwords can now be reset automatically - no more having to get in touch with us to perform a manual reset when you’ve forgotten your temporary password.

  • Want a logo on your invoice? Now you can. Upload your logo from your business settings menu, located by the dropdown on the top right by your business name.

  • Said logo will be visible in all views of invoice and adjustment notes. Please let me know if you have any issue uploading or seeing a logo.

  • Not happy with your logo, or updated your branding? It’s easy to replace your existing logo, or delete it altogether if you made a mistake.

  • Not sure if you’ve sent an invoice? Now there is a nice little helpful visual cue for you when you’ve sent an invoice - no need to double check anymore.

  • New Report: Goods & Services Tax (Cash) - allowing you to see your GST on Cash specific transactions in one location.

  • Updated help and support button. Now features a fancy slide out panel with a host of features and shortcuts to make your life easier.

As per usual we have a host of bug fixes.

  • Sped up Send Invoice button activation on invoice finalisation.
  • GST tax type G8 now updates correctly
  • Automatic Bank Feeds now explains itself correctly when attempting to connect.
  • Fixed many errors causing an error bar to appear at the bottom of the screen
  • For those unable to add or edit columns, that functionality has now been restored

December is going to be quite busy as well, so keep an eye out for those upcoming patch notes.

Feel free to discuss the release below, I’ll be locking the thread when the next patch is released.