Introductions all round

Hi folks!

It’s great to see the okke community growing and flourishing! I really enjoy seeing every signup to the community, and I’m glad to have helped many of you out with problems you’ve been having with your workflow.

Now that we are a bit larger, it’s probably time that we get to know one another. That way you will all know what skills you have, and can help each other to grow. Just drop a post in down below to say hi and a little bit about yourself.

Don’t be shy, we’re all here to build a successful business and simplify the more tedious aspects of the job. If you need some prompting, why don’t you include:

  • What work do you specialise in?
  • Where are you based?
  • What do you enjoy most about your work?

G’day everyone, the name’s James and I’m a qualified mechanic based in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve been working on cars since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and I’ve turned my passion into my career as a sole trader.

I reckon there’s nothing better than getting my hands dirty under the hood and fixing up a dodgy engine or tricky gearbox. I specialize in all sorts of car repairs and maintenance, from routine services to more complex jobs that require a bit of brainpower.

When I’m not under the hood, you can usually find me cheering on the Adelaide Crows or exploring the beautiful beaches and wine regions of South Australia. I’m excited to be a part of the okke community and connect with other mechanics and business owners. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and learning from others!


Whoa @JamesMcKenny! Here I thought I’d have to introduce myself first.

I’m Bane, and I’ve been working with communities for as long as I’ve been an adult. I love getting to know people and help them out, and have really started to recently make it my life’s work.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in a couple of small businesses, so I understand how important it is to have a piece of software that makes life easier in the accounting department. I hated having to spend hours upon hours learning stuff that just didn’t make a difference to my business. These days I’m pretty internet focussed outside of work - trying to learn about all that craziness that’s starting to come around in the AI space.

I can’t say I agree with your Crows assessment there James, but I’ll let you have it. I’m more of a ‘fire and a good book’ guy myself.


What work do you specialise in?
I recently started a full service cleaning business here in Brissie. I’ve been at it for around 6 months and hadn’t had any real luck getting my head around my bookkeeping and tax.

Where are you based?
At the moment I work all around Brisbane but I’m hoping to get more jobs that are closer to home as I grow by business and get more clients to choose from.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The work itself can be satisfying, but mostly I enjoy being able to be my own boss and set my own timetable. I have a few young kids, so the flexibility of being able to pick up gigs as needed is a real bonus.

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Hey @SteveNewmann

Thanks for dropping in and saying g’day. It’s awesome to hear that you’re able to balance running a business and a busy family life. For a lot of people I think that’s the dream - and hopefully okke is helping by cutting down on your financial admin time!

Oh, and @JamesMckenny, go you mighty Crowies!

Hey all,

Just started in okke and I’m really enjoying it so far. Happy to be part of a community. I’m a carpenter by trade in NSW and am using okke to invoice my clients mostly. Better than a spreadsheet, haha!

I just love the looks on my clients faces when I finally get to show them the finished product, all nice and installed where they need. It’s really rewarding!


Great to meet you @AndrewMondalmi

I grew up in NSW myself, I miss it from time to time - but over here in SA is very relaxed and it turns out that’s the atmosphere I’m going for.

What sort of carpentry do you specialise in? I watch a few folks over on YouTube who do restoration or fancy tables mostly, but I hear cabinetry is really in high demand.

If you’ve been using okke for invoicing, and feel like somethings in the software could be improved, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in Product Feedback - okke Community

Welcome to the group!

Glad you are enjoying your okke.