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If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to share them here, and if you see a question you feel you can contribute to, do not hesitate to answer.

This is a new product, under active development - we expect users to encounter bugs from time to time. Don’t hesitate to bring up anything you find out of the ordinary, and feel free to communicate on other users posts.

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When I first got Okke I did a draft invoice and was happy with the layout. I have just done another invoice now the layout has changed I think your address phone number and email address should be under the logo name and not in the right hand bottom corner it just doesn’t look right. Could this be changed so all your information is under the logo name at the top left hand side.

Thanks Darren Johnston

Hey there @Darren,

I have a meeting with the devlopment team in half an hour, I’ll get back to you a little after that with a response.

Thanks Bane looking forward to your response

Alright, we had a discussion about the layout.

Part of the reason for the change is to make room for logo changes coming in an update. We are hoping to eventually have good customisation options here for you, but our initial goal is something simple to work with in a “one size fits most” style.

Here is a draft image of what that might look like.

Regardless, you’re after them being positioned where they were before, and we hear you. We will look at adding a template option once invoice templates are in which has that functionality.

So I can understand your need better, would you mind explaining why you prefer it that way? This allows me to understand your needs to communicate them to the team.

P.S. Thank you for raising this by the way, you actually inadvertently showed a bug in the software in that your ABN isn’t being displayed on invoices. This critical bug is being fixed ASAP. (It should display under your business name)

That actually looks ok…not sure what I did I must of not set it up right
How do I get rid of the Deliver to section

(Deliver to) will default include as long as there is a postal address assigned to a customer.

We will look at making this field optional when invoice customisation comes in, but I found a workaround for it right now (although it is annoying to do)

On the customer details field, select ‘Postal address is different to physical address?’

Then delete any data it fills in (I know it shouldn’t put data in, and I’ve flagged that to be fixed) and save the customer - this will make the system register no postal address, and therefore not put the (Deliver to) field on invoices.

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