[Release] okke June patch notes

Thanks for supporting okke. We’ve made it easy this month to share your account with your accountant just in time for the end of financial year. Here are the most important changes:

  • Invite your accountant - Need to give your accountant access to your account? This can be done simply using User Management in settings from the main menu.

  • Additional users - We’ve given you room for two additional users to check out your data if you need it. No more sharing passwords!

  • Manage multiple businesses - We wanted to make sure you could look over multiple businesses as an okke user, so we have added that functionality

  • Invoice emails - Now invoices sent from okke will use your business name, and have your business email as the reply address. We’ve added Email Settings if you’d like to change it.

  • Quotes upgrade - Let’s face it, our quotes feature was a little clunky. Now you can easily create them, send them, and convert them directly into invoices.

Additionally some general bug fixes.

Have some feedback for the patch? Drop a note down below!