Recovering disbursements

I need to be able to assign costs to a client and then bill that as a “disbursement” (recoverable cost). What I do in Xero now is assign the cost to the client. When I come to create an invoice, the disbursements pop up and can be added to the invoice. It is accounted for as a disbursement (as a separate expense code) and is subtracted from fees to derive a net fee figure.

Hi Martin, thanks for the feedback, great idea.

Currently the only way to do this in okke is to manually record the expense, and then manually add it as a line item on an Invoice to the customer.

I’ll pass your suggestion on to the development team.

Thanks Ryan

Having looked at the features further, it seems to me that I can retain my Xero subscription (generate invoices in there, adding expenses as disbursements, as normal). Print the invoice and then import it into Okke using the snap feature. Can I then assign that as an income item and will it then be recorded as sales?

Hi Marten,

While you can use Snap and Store to import an invoice and generate income, currently, there isn’t a direct option to create an invoice linked to a specific customer.

We are looking at different ways to enhancing the software, so your feedback has been noted and will contribute to our ongoing improvements.