{Release} November Feature Upgrades

Thanks for your support for okke. This month’s software update focussed mostly on the signup, upgrade and account management side of okke. We have more upgrades coming in the future months to continue to make this as seamless as possible.

Improved sign-up, upgrading and account management - Getting started with okke is now easier than ever, with a redeveloped sign-up process and a smoother trial experience. Plus, when your trial does end (as we know, all good things must eventually end) managing your subscription should be much more seamless.

Better unpaid invoice tracking - We’ve smartened up the dashboard. Now, the oldest unpaid invoices widget displays not just the invoice amount but also the due date, offering you a clearer overview of your outstanding payments to stay on top of your finances easily.

Reworked Cash Reconciliation - We have enhanced styling and updated some texts looking to provide you with clearer guidance at every cash reconciliation step.

Plus, general bug fixes and improvements

As always, thanks for choosing okke!