[Release] okke January patch notes

Thanks for continuing to use okke. We have a short list of changes this month.

  • Due dates have arrived! If you need your invoices to have specific due dates, we have enabled that to now reflect in invoices.

  • You can now disconnect Stripe if you need to - When we built the upgrade to digital payments we had the ability to add Stripe but not disconnect it, this has now been fixed.

  • Date picking is now easier - The old system was tough to use on the go, and making this easier is part of our first steps into a proper mobile roll out

  • ABN moved to top of invoice - This was originally moved to make way for logo insertion, but since it is quite important information we’ve returned it to where it was, and made sure it plays nice with those changes

Also a suite of improvements and fixes

  • App download size improvements
  • Aged Debtor report end-date fix
  • Fix for generating GST report
  • Fix for Safari report print error
  • Fix for Profit and Loss report - roll up line items

And a number of other minor changes.