Auto Invoice Numbering & saved invoice prefix

Hi, I really need to be able to set an invoice prefix (eg:- STR-) and for invoice sequencing to be populated automatically whenever I create a new invoice. Any chance of getting this implemented ?
For reference, I can see the need to be able to overwrite the prefix or inv # on occasion, so this shouldn’t be read-only, just pre-populated when new invoice is selected.

Kind Regards

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Hi Brett,

Currently you can only manually change the prefix and the invoice number on a per invoice basis. Any invoice that is unfinalised you can edit the ‘Invoice Number’ to have whatever prefix you would like.

There isn’t a setting in okke which allows you to set a new prefix to autofill when you click the ‘+ Add Invoice’ button. It will only use ‘I-’ and then count up 1 digit from whatever the last highest invoice number was with the prefix of ‘I-’

I can certainly raise this with the development team as something to look at in the future.



I agree with @brainfryd - this is a pretty essential feature. I know you can do things manually, but the point of using a tool like Okke is so that we don’t have to do things manually.