Increased personalisation for invoice emails

I’ve just sent my first two invoices from the platform. I was a little surprised that the email that is sent lacks personality and personalisation.

For example, even though my customer has a contact person, the email text is addressed to “Dear COMPANY NAME” rather than “Dear Firstname”.

There’s also a very short character count for adding a personal message, and on first attempt, there is no way to know where the copy will appear in the email (I had to CC myself on the first invoice to make adjustments in the next invoice).

As a small business owner, it’s really important to create a strong personal relationship with a client. This is why I would normally create an invoice manually and attach it to a highly personalised email. While Okke’s automation is vital for me to become more efficient, it has a negative effect if I send an invoice from the platform and then have to follow it up with another email to the client with an apology about the lack of personalisation.

P.S. So far my experience with the app has been excellent; great design, intuitive, fast, easy to use. I realise that you’re still in beta and that you have big plans for where you want to take it. I’m an app designer and indie hacker so I understand what it’s like taking something from zero to hero. Any feedback I might provide is intended to help you create a better product and create passionate customers.

Hi @Hiredgoon,

Thanks for your great feedback.

I’ll pass on your feedback and suggest that we look at a preview function and invoice templates etc.
What kind of personalisation would you like to see?



Hey David,

Ideally, the invoice email should be directed to the name specified on the account instead of the company name - that’d be a great start.

The the first paragraph should be an open text field to allow us to write something personal.

Then the templated content “Your invoice for …”

It would be nice to not have the templated content “The amount outstanding is …” mostly because it feels a little heavy handed and obnoxious.

The email should then finish with our name, the business name, and potentially our contact details .



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Thanks for those Kain,

I’ll pass them on the development teams and see what we can do.