Custom dates in reports

I’ve been trying to get a list of invoices - sales invoice list report - for this financial year (1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023). There is no standard option for Aus fin year. I tried custom dates. I choose 1 Jul 2022 as starting date. I then go to end date and change year to 2023 and starting year changes to 2023! Can you please investigate. It would be good to have fin year as a standard option pls.

Hi again @RobC, what you’re encountering there definitely sounds like a bug on our end. While I’m not in the office today, @David will handle this from here on out and get back to you with an estimated fix.

@David - I confirmed this on my end. Changing the ‘Year’ in the ‘to’ impacts the ‘from’ year and vice versa.

Hi @RobC, Thanks for your feedback identifying this bug. Our talented group of developers are currently working on a fix, and this should be included in the next update. We anticipate this will be out around the 20th of this month. We will confirm this closer to the date. Thanks, David.

Hey @RobC , sorry for the delay!

This has now been fixed and should be working as intended. We are looking at adding a financial year option in future releases.

Let me know if you run into any problems with it!

Hi @BaneWilliams any update on when the “Financial year” is an option in the date selector? just doing my end of year reports… it’s pretty annoying redoing it every single flippin time.

Hi @rrcnswtreas, I have spoken with my team and they’ve advised they are working to get this implemented, we did have a few issues with the limitations of the date picker, but there has been a ticket created for this so we are hoping to see this date option sometime soon.