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gday, im giving your software a bit of a trial (currently using quickbooks) and wanted to see if there are any plans/ability to extend the expenses categories to include things like Internet charges, computer hardware/software costs, donations, education and training, meals and entertainment, fuel (separate to vehicle costs), contractor and professional services? or just giving individual users the ability to add custom categories would be better. Its nice to (potentially) have a cost effective and Australian alternative to Zero, Quickbooks etc. Go okke!

Howdy @ozonetribe, welcome to the community!

You can absolutely already do this manually, by adding new Income or Expense Columns. I go through a video run down of that feature here:

If you want a written walkthrough, first navigate to Cash Flow on the left menu, then click Expenses followed by Edit Columns

Once there, click the Add New Column option.

This should break out a panel for you to fill in what you’d like in your new column. Give it a name, a Tax Type, and if you want it in your Profit & Loss Report. Click Create Column and you’re all done!

That being said we will be taking a look at our entries once we have a larger customer base and potentially adding more default columns based on customer demand.

Let me know if you run into any problems!

Happy Monday @ozonetribe,

Just double checking this solution worked out for you?

hi bane,

my apologies for not replying to your last response. yes your explanation was perfect thanks. I hadnt looked around in the cashfow section so hadnt found the ability to add columns.

I was a little unsure as to wether its best to email you direct on queries or put it in the community forum. Im happy to put my queries on invoices on there if that helps with things.


Paul OReilly

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Thanks for the instructions. Easy to add new columns. Is there a way to re-sort or change the order of the columns once you have added a new column?

Hi @RobC I don’t believe this is possible yet, but you’re not the first person to bring it up.

Unfortunately as we are still in the early days of development we are prioritising feature development at this stage. The goal is to have a simple to use software that makes your life easier, not harder, but I’m sorry that we are not perfectly there yet.

One thing you can do to improve the situation is to hide excess columns, which will bring some of them down and make it easier to use.