Emailed invoices not received

Hi all - new user, just wanted to flag that when I sent my first invoice via email it wasn’t received each time I tried to send it via the system. I ended up sending myself a copy to myself (which came through) and then forwarding to the email address.

Just wondering if there’s a way to check that the email has been received or if it’d be a situation like a spam filter that’s blocking it on their end.


Hi there @ywillison, welcome to the community!

We’re sorry to hear about that problem. When you received the email from the software, did it go into your spam folder? If so that is something we need to investigate on our end.

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to track if someone has received the email. In theory I can’t see anything stopping an email getting through to them unless they had specifically setup some spam filters themelves.

I’m going to send you a PM with a follow up query to help diagnose if it was a problem on our end.

Just checking if there was any extra feedback/progress on this one as we have also reports of emails not being received when sent direct from Okke.


Hi @brainfryd,

I’ve shot you a private message regarding this. So far we have not noticed an issue on our side regarding emails being sent out, but need more information to really figure out what could be the problem.