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I just created my account and played around with software… Looks good so far- simple and easy to use!


Hi @BaneWilliams. Just started to set up and wanted to say how easy to read and use the dashboard is. Very clear and large font - great for us with poor eyesight!


Hi @BaneWilliams - just started using the software and it seems very sophisticated and straightforward. User interface and cross-platform functionality is brilliant so far. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank each of you @Abs @Nicola @Sal for your early feedback. Please let me know if there is anything you have issue with as you continue using the software across the beta.

Hey Laure, thanks for joining the community! Welcome!

At this stage of the beta the program is mostly tested on Desktop (so PC/Mac) and Google Chrome. Outside of that expect some weirdness.

When you say that it’s important that you can use this app on the phone, can you explain your use case? We’d love to service mobile users, but need to know why it’s important to them.

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sorry I have discover this answer after my question (for the moment in desktop).
I am handyman, so if I can create my invoice for example when I have a moment during the day or when I am with the customer it is awesome. Less paper and more tracking.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

User friendly and the reports section is very easy to navigate on the program. The visuals are also very clean and crisp.


@BaneWilliams I have just registered and started playing around with adding customers and their invoices. Very intuitive and easy to follow. As a visual person, the graph that shows cashflow is excellent.

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Also I just noticed there’s a limit of 4 new topics per 24 hours for forum users. While it’s reasonable for end product users, you may wish to waive it for testers on this stage?

Same experience as @Laure on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet - some weirdness, especially when you have more than one section on the screen, or try to zoom in/out, sometimes green Save buttons are out of reach.
So far I started to use Desktop Mode on my tablet browser, but it is really essential to have this system working on a portable devices - when visiting customers or doing a quick updates on the go.
Basically, nowadays I tend to use my desktop only when I do large volume of data entry or sending anything to printer.

Hi @Laure I experience same problems on a tablet so ticked Desktops Mode on my browser to test full functionality - but can’t agree with you more about the importance of having mobile-responsive system to use on portable devices !

I have also just tested on my iphone 12 (which most of my work is done on honestly) and it doesn’t look like its been adapted for phone devices. I understand desktop would be first priority but I know other business owners (not me) who dont even own a laptop/desktop anymore - they work purely of their tablet which they swear by! something to consider for the future.
I was also just playing around with the support space and would find it beneficial to have a chat function to be able to ask basic qs. As a busy small business owner, quicker is better for me.

I have also been adding bank accounts and cant seem to find how to import transactions? The support video seemed to link to dashboard.

Hi there @emyyoneda thanks for the feedback.

This is something in the works, and will be active before the product goes live. We recognise the importance of this capability and will have it there.

If you are talking about automatic bank reconciliation, this is something that is on the roadmap. As for now you can only manually reconcile, including manual import.

I agree that while I generally use accounting software on my laptop, it would be great to see a program that is as easy to use on the mobile so you can do quick accounting tasks on mobile phone instead of having to get out the laptop every time.

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