New user - first impressions

Hey @BaneWilliams

Just got set up and I’m really liking the UI so far! Crisp and easy and right to the point. Plus I really like having a summary of open invoices and money-in right on the dashboard.

One small thing is when I set up my account by resetting my password, I was told my new password was not suitable, but I wasn’t told why. I figured out that I must have needed more than 10 characters, lowercase and uppercase letters and to include symbols, but the requirements for a proper password weren’t displayed. So a little prompt at this stage saying what exactly you need in a password would be helpful.

I have no complaints with the Customer set-up process so far. But I’ve noticed a few features that could be improved regarding Invoicing.

Firstly, I wasn’t able to find an option to add a company logo to the invoice. I feel this would be important both for branding and to add some pizazz to the invoice.

Secondly, in the customer message box, I found I was only able to add up to 150 characters. For my business, I need a description of each service invoiced for, which states the date of service delivery, the type of service and what hours on that day the service was delivered for (e.g. 27/7/22: Access community, social and recreational activities (14:45 – 17:45)). Providing this description for more than two service items doesn’t seem to be possible with the current character limit.

Overall however, I’m keen to continue interacting with this platform.


Hi Lachlan,

I like the summary of open invoices too. In comparison to my manual typed invoices, this system is WAY better.

I had the same issue as you RE password suitability. I had to add 2 more numbers and another symbol, then it was accepted. I think if the system can say “another symbol is required” or whatever, that would help a lot.

I like how professional everything feels. The colours aren’t overwhelming (i.e. not primary). My only complaint is the navigation. Firstly, I had no idea where to begin. But I liked that I could actually start anywhere too! Maybe they can have numbers on the home page, to guide you in order of steps to do. I took the shortcut approach and did everything super fast, to test if this would work with no instructions. Yes, I didn’t read any tips!

You kind of figure things out on your own. If something is wrong, you can always edit it.

Suggestion: maybe adding a colour to each customer would be a nice touch? Or just on your account, for personal viewing.

Another suggestion is adding brief descriptions of each field you are required to fill in. I didn’t always know what they were, so I either entered a number or dummy data to test what would happen. If there is a little description, this would help clarify things for me.

Overall, I like everything. I have a simple cleaning business though, and am not sure if this system is too sophisticated for my needs atm. We shall see :slight_smile:

Hi @IrvineL - sorry your feedback slipped through the cracks!

I too noticed this was a problem and will be fixed before launch.

I’ll bring this up with the product dev team

That’s a good point. What would you suggest be the upper limit of characters, keeping in mind that it takes space on the invoice and will mean less line items per page.

This is an often requested feature @NM2022, so we appreciate you also requesting it. I imagine it something will make its way into the final product.

Keep in mind we do have a knowledge base if you ever get stuck, accessible via the ‘help and support’ section of the application

I’m not exactly sure about the character limit. Maybe 300?

Thanks for replying @BaneWilliams. Good to know!