Adding logos/watermarks and customising invoice appearance

Hi, just wondering what the best way to customise the final .pdf of the invoice is? or are there any templates to choose from?


Hi @abnormaldesign17 Thank you for your query
We are currently working on adding extra options for customising invoices in the program, particularly adding logos.

This should be available soon, and you will be notified when this feature comes available


Hi again @abnormaldesign17 - good to see you’ve stuck with us.

Had a quick look internally for you and a logo option should be in by the end of the year. I know this is basic, but we are juggling multiple pieces of development at the same time, and are hoping to be able to tackle some mobile advances as well.

Watermarks and templates are solid ideas, but we will have to wait until more features are added before we consider tackling that functionality.

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Hey there @abnormaldesign17 - Just wanted to let you know we launched the ability for your logo to display on invoices now. Head to your business settings page (click the drop down by your business name) to get started.

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