Allocate a Column to a Supplier

How can this be done (as it can be in Cashflow Manager that we have switched from). It is very clunky to select the column every time for each individual supplier.

Hello @Glen, thank you for your question and welcome to the okke community!

We currently don’t have any allocation features in the okke program, however this is something that i can pass onto our developers to let them know.

Hi Izzy,

Well that is very cumbersome / poorly designed, but I appreciate you can’t think of everything.

The date field when adding entries to expenses or income doesn’t seem to correlate to the month that you have selected to enter data into. Am I missing something here (once again, Cashflow Manager defaulted to the month you were entering data in for, and you only had to enter the date, rather than here where it appears that you need to select the month from a drop down hist, then the date (several clicks & clunky again). Any suggestions?


@Glen i do apologise for the delayed response.

To answer your question, when adding an entry the date that shows at the top of the details correlates to the current date, meaning if you add an entry it will automatically have 16/10/2023 prefilled as that is todays date.

I can as well raise this with my development team to see if we can come up with a different way of selecting a date for your entries.