Order of Columns

So far so good, program presenting really well. Could I please find out how to change the order of columns even if it is just into alphabetical order

Hi @Soozie, Welcome to the okke community!

Currently the columns you create for Income and Expenses will be placed in the order you have added them

This is something we can bring forward to our developers, to give you the freedom of moving them around or placing in alphabetical order.

If you need, here is a link for Customising columns from our Help centre

Please feel free to ask any further questions

Hi Karl,
Please, please, please add the functionality of sorting columns. I have used Cashflow Manager for over 28 years so I have lots of work arounds with my naming conventions so even a simple A-Z would be appreciated. Also the ability to delete an unused column would be great.

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Hi Karl,
I just set up my second data file in Okke for a friend of mine who for years has been using spreadsheets.
This business has a lot more transactions & it was an exercise in frustration as I was unable to map either the CSVs or the bank feeds to auto allocation. If I could of sorted the columns A-Z it would of halved my data entry time & blood pressure :slight_smile:

Hi @Soozie,

Just stepping in for @Karl here. We brought this up to the developers and they have agreed that it is something that merits inclusion, however at this stage while we are still fleshing out major features it will take a long while to be implemented.

That being said, if more customers join okke requesting this feature it will take a higher priority. I definitely see its value for your use case.

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Hi Bane & Karl,

I appreciate that issues such as auto allocation, customer imports from a CSV & lack of basic reports such as a Trial Balance are important, I personally feel that basic useability is paramount.

Currently in 1 data file for 1 bank account I have to scroll through 23 columns of expenses & that is after I have hidden the ones I don’t use. This is a simple contractors business & only 3 months entered. If I’m feeling frustrated with over 25 years experience as a bookkeeper a micro business that this program is uniquely placed to service would just give up, regardless of the price point. It significantly adds to the data entry time & looks chaotic which are diametrically opposite to the 2 main reasons that a business uses a bookkeeping program.

I would of thought this would be a relatively easy fix as it is “tickling” an existing feature not creating a new one.

In regards to:

“That being said, if more customers join okke requesting this feature it will take a higher priority. I definitely see its value for your use case.”

If basic useability is not addressed you wont get more customers, simple. I have many, many work arounds, one being a systematic naming convention that mimics an accountants chart of accounts so I intrinsically know what column I am looking to allocate to.

Imagine a new inexperienced business owner that is time poor, they have entered a column to allocate petrol for the work ute
Me: Column name MVX - Fuel. Search 23 columns
Them: Possible column names, Petrol, Fuel, Motor Vehicle Expense, Ute Expenses, Ute Fuel, Ute Petrol to name a few. Search 23 columns multiple times, possibly miss the column, enter new column etc. Repeat process in 3 months a day before the BAS is due.
I actually had this scenario a very, very long time ago in Cashflow Manager

Like I said, I definitely hear you, and it is something we will address. We have to be mindful of what we task our developers to do, and sometimes specific things take priority over others. In this case, we currently have other priorities that we see as more important. That doesn’t mean this will not get implemented, just that it will be a little while.

okke was designed to be used by people who have limited/no experience with bookeeping software - we consider column edits and additions an advanced feature most customers will hopefully not need or need minimally - For instance in your use case the column is already included by default in okke with no need to add an additional column 'Motor Vehicle Expenses"

You have workarounds because you wish to customise okke based on your significant prior experience, and that’s fine. We have built for that also, but our current implementation is minimal. The reason for this is because if we were to get every feature 100% perfect out of the gate, we would not have been able to release okke for another two years, and we also would not have gotten feedback from our users to help push us in certain directions.

Ordering of columns is coming. I hope you can be patient with us while we get it sorted.