Conversion CFM v12 to Okke

Hi, I am told there isn’t any conversion capability coming for Okke, coming from Cashflow Manager v12? Is that still the case? What is the reasoning behind it? can’t read the data from the v12 files?

okke is a completely different program to Cashflow Manager built on an entirely different system. It is primarily designed for people who aren’t coming from other programs, who haven’t really used accounting or bookkeeping software.

Due to the architecture differences between the two products, the files from one are not compatible with the other. This may change in the future, but it is currently very far from a priority for us.

Thanks Bane, I get that it is different. It feels a bit similar, but in a web browser. :slight_smile: all good. We don’t have that many transactions to enter for FY 23. would have been nice to add FY22 into it that is all.

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There is a work around. In Cashflow run the report Trial Balance & enter as a 1 line item