Are columns linked to a certain bank account?

In my P&L I see two columns, one called “Donations”, one “Donations received”. I created both of these and several other… I am just doing some reports and am seeing transactions against both above mentioned “columns”… I was creating some the other day and couldn’t find them again, only to realise they are linked to a Bank account… why would this be the case? surely I can have the same type of transaction in multiple bank accounts?

and if I change Donations in “list 1 for back account 1” to be the same as “Donations Received” in “list 2 for account2” it shows up twice on the Profit and Loss report…

this seems like a bit undercooked… surely I should be able to have multiple accounts… if not, don’t let me add more in the interface and tell me at that point that your software isn’t suitable for organisations that want to have multiple account to seperate funds?

even a small business or sole trader might have a saving account where we might actually get interest on as an organisation.

wow, I just managed to check the Cashflow Manager PC application. My colleague’s PC couldn’t handle adding another bank account, mine can… and it’s doing the same. Crikey Okke, that is mad. Who comes up with this type of set up to have a set of columns per bank account…

Hi @rrcnswtreas the columns for income and expenses are linked under a bank account. This is to help organize transactions for businesses with multiple bank accounts, to ensure they can pull reports based on the transactions under each bank account.

I understand that you can have the same types of transactions in multiple bank accounts, our software is designed to separate these bank accounts to ensure the correct figures are recorded for both.

Regarding running the profit and loss report, you can run this with the data from the individual bank accounts to help identify the data more easily. This can be done by going into the profit and loss report and changing from all accounts and selecting one of your bank accounts.

Ah yeah, I can see that I can select the account, but as an organisation, you’d want to know the entire income and expenses surely? Can we make the columns at least the same over all accounts? a ledger should be the same for an organisation, independent of 1 or 10 bank accounts.

Hi, @rrcnswtreas I can pass this feedback along for you to see if this is something we can implement in the future. In the meantime, you can still run the profit and loss report as a total for both bank accounts, but if column names are the same you won’t be able to identify which bank account they belong to unless you give them a custom name.

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Cashflow Manager is set up the same way but with the ability to create the same column name in all bank accounts, if the name is identical it automatically adds them together in a combined report.
Should we add this to the wishlist?:slight_smile:

Yes, that would be helpful at least. I’d still suggest to make the “ledger” the same across the organisation. not linked to a bank account. I might add more bank accounts, or remove some. That is a paid to have to then add more entries.

Hi @rrcnswtreas I will pass this feedback along for you. We can see if this is something that may be able to be implement into the program in future updates.

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