Supplier Contacts

What is the reasoning behind only having customers stored as entities that can be looked up and not Suppliers? I have suppliers where some are the same each regularly and I need to keep a seperate list of what I call them… surely this isn’t “working as designed”

I can’t speak to the reasoning behind that setup in the program, as I am not a dev.

While I will bring up your feedback in the next dev meeting I attend, you should be able to setup a customer type as ‘supplier’

Just in case you’re not sure how to do that:

First go to Invoices click Options in the top right, then Configure Invoices

Then select Customer Types, enable a new Customer Type and name it how you wish.

Don’t forget to then confirm it all by clicking Save Changes in the bottom right.

Yeah, thanks. So I have tried this. Tagged someone with a customer type, but in a transactions page, “new Entry” it’s still not showing that contact as a supplier. And some suppliers are also customers. but that is a different story.

one good example is the ATO… sometimes we pay them, sometimes we get money back. So in the transactions screen, depending if it’s a debit or credit, it’s a supplier or customer.

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Thanks for the feedback. Currently there’s no real way to have repeat suppliers in your expense and customer types will only work for invoices.

This is definitely something we want to bring in fast, so I’m glad you’ve brought it up and will definitely be taking your suggestions onboard.

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