Transaction history for customers

What am I missing here to get a transaction history. I have created customers in the customers table, then in important transactions from the bank, click on “add new entry”, select customer, add allocation etc. Then should I not be seeing the transaction history in the customer overview tab? What is the point if that tab otherwise?

Currently a customer’s Transaction History only shows payment receipts done directly on a customer invoice, as well as any credits or adjustments done through adjustment an adjustment note.

Any entries that are recorded via Cash Flow (including from bank transactions) aren’t currently recorded, as we generally need an invoice to match it to.

Are you making use of customer invoices? If not, is this still a functionality you’d like to see on the Transaction history?

I am not making use of invoices. We are a car club, where people are renewing annually, they pay into the bank account and that is where I add the “new entry”, to add to the customer. It should then become a transaction for the customer, hence my assumption to see it in the transaction history. so yes i’d still like to see an transaction for a customer.

We are getting a new membership application, where the application handles the payments etc, that then should show up in the bank account where I can reconcile the transactions in the same way as I do now.

okke has been designed with a sole trader or small business owner first and foremost. Unfortunately that means that cases like yours aren’t something that we have foreseen or built for.

We are looking at building more programs in the future that might be more suited to your individual use case, but at this stage all we can suggest is using the invoice functionality if you want them recorded in that manner.

That being said, we have taken your feedback on board - if we end up with more customers suggesting similar, it is something we will strongly look at implementing, but as it stands currently we have to continue developing for our core audience, which unfortunately means such a feature will be low priority for us.

I’d say we are a simple user of accounting software. We are a car club, small numbers we don’t need much. Any small business would want to see the transaction history surely?