Creating customer from "new entry" screen in Okke

Why am I not able to create a new customer from the “New entry” screen in Okke? I can put a value into this screen, when I am working through transactions from the bank for example, but they aren’t actually “customers” like they are from “Invoicing → Customers” in the left hand menu.
That is very annoying.

Hi again @rrcnswtreas, sorry that you’ve stumbled across this issue.

I can definitely see how that could be annoying. I’m taking a look into this right now and I’ll raise it with the dev team. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

I should have an update for you tomorrow.

Great, it should be straight forward hopefully for your team. Looking forward to hearing about updates.

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Spoke with the dev team. We really want a level of consistency across the entire product, so this is something we will definitely be looking to rectify. I can’t speak to a specific date for such an inclusion, as the team is presently hard at work on big features, but we are 100% on board with this.

Thanks for bringing it up!

OK, hopefully it can be fixed quickly. I know new features are also important, but this is a a bug, not a feature.

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