Invoice customer

New customer when I try and put customer on invoice it freezes and clouds over and can not get out of it have to close app and start again

Hello @mrosen, Thank you for your query, Sorry to hear you are having some issues when adding a customer to an invoice.

Have you added the customer first by going to the customers tab on the left of the program or are you adding the customer when creating the invoice by going to the ‘Assign to Customer’ button, selecting the customer and choosing ‘Add New’?

I’ve added the customers and the customer type
As soon as I assign customer on invoice it freezes

This is what I’m getting

Hi @mrosen, and welcome to okke!

We are brand new to the market and still in active development at this time, we’ve currently built the software to work primarily on Google Chrome for PC/Mac.

This seems like a mobile issue, and making sure okke works flawlessly on mobile is definitely on the roadmap, however we are not quite there yet.

To help our development team out, can you let us know what mobile device you’re using, and what browser? This will help us in determining what is causing the behaviour and allow us to build a fix for it, however it’s worth letting you know now this might be far away, as mobile development is something that will take a lot of time for our team.

However it is very important to us! If you have a PC or Mac to use okke on, please let us know.

Ok could you please cancel subscription
I will go cashflow cloud then

Hello @mrosen, thank you for your reply.

If you are wanting to cancel your okke subscription you can do so y follow the steps in this guide: okke Help Centre

Please let us know if you have any further queries regarding the okke product and if you need assistance with cancelling.

We hope to see you again soon once we do have okke fully optimised for mobile use.