Importing customers into Okke

Is there a way to import customer data from a CSV file? Would be very handy, have around 300 customers to enter.

Hi there @rrcnswtreas and welcome to the community.

okke is brand new to the market, and as such we are making constant and continual improvements to the software. Your feedback allows us to create and prioritise what is important so it can be worked on and implemented.

At this stage we do not have the ability to import customer data from a CSV, but I will be raising this with our dev team.

While we are currently working to produce high priority options such as mobile view and invoice customisation, we will hopefully have the breathing room to address your feedback once those are in.

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Is there a list where people can vote on the backlog for the application? like what has already been suggested and perhaps could save us time, if we know it’s already in a pipeline?

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We will look into implementing something like that once we have a larger number of customers. Right now it doesn’t make sense given that we have just launched, and would prefer to have more personal communication with our customers.

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