Customer name and phone number on invoice

Can anyone please tell me is there a way of having the invoice show the Customer name and phone number on the invoice. I input these details but it only shows the business name, and then I am always having to search for their details separately when I have the invoice in front of me?? thanks for any help

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Hi there @LarissaBBC, welcome to the community.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I was looking at the software to figure out the situation.

First, there is no current way to do this, unless you removed the company name for the customer details. You could manually put those details in the message field, but I think we can both agree that isn’t ideal.

I wanted to clarify a couple of things with you:

Are you saving these customers as individual or as a business?
If you are saving them as an individual, would you prefer that the invoice have their name rather than their company name?
Or is the preference to have BOTH their company name and their name if they are saved as an individual?

As for the phone number, I’m not sure we can include this. It would be very unusual to have a customers phone number in the bill to field - I’ve never seen a customer phone number on an invoice before. Is it common in the industry you are in for this to be the case?