Customer set up

hi, can someone help me with adding customer> customer type. Adding customer is easy , but Im unable to add customer type there and searching is there any settings to set customer type first and then to add it to customer.
thanks for the support if anyone has tried it.

I also am unable to add customer type. the option was there but blanked out.

some further customer setup questions and thoughts:

  • customer type dropdown not working (have already flagged)
  • assuming the customer is a business. might pay to have ‘optional’ next to the business form.
  • where it just says ‘business number’ this is very unclear. we had no idea it meant ABN until we clicked on the form.
  • why is country listed first in customer section? it should be near last.
  • it bothers me that ‘city’ is an option. we live in australia so this should say suburb or nothing at all.

Another to add the list is why its presumed a customer is business. I have many individual customers and there is no way to create them.

I tried with adjustment note and unable to link to the invoice.

Hi @MARS and welcome.

We noticed this was an issue recently and it is on track to be resolved. The current UI has it in an out of the way location - but once setup should work as intended.

Here are two ways to get there.

First is ‘invoicing → invoices → options → configure invoices’

Second is on your dashboard ‘Set up my invoices’

From there click ‘customer types’ and make changes - you will need to enable additional customer types as you need them, and don’t forget to save changes.

As I said, we realise this isn’t ideal, and we hope to have a solution that is as simple as ‘adding a customer’, etc.

thanks , it worked.
I can edit existing customers and update as well.

I ran into this today, thanks for letting us know a work around

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Hi Lauren,
I absolutely concur with all your points! Thanks for raising them :slight_smile: